Inner Child Healing Workshop

Is your inner child running your life? This recorded workshop will help you connect with and heal your inner child and inner selves. Enjoy this program as many times as you like!

In this powerful recording, you will:
  • Learn how the psyche copes by creating alter personalities
  • Dive deep into meditation to meet and begin to heal your inner child and inner selves
  • Learn how to deal with obtrusive thoughts and emotions through re-parenting skills
  • Watch a live demonstration that will help you understand how to continue this work in daily life
  • Receive journal prompts to continue the work

The workshop also includes:

  • 1.5 hour long talk on how the inner child and parts work and how to connect and heal them
  • A demonstration on how the healing process looks in real time
  • A 30 min guided inner child healing meditation
  • Q+A and closing remarks
  • 7 days of inner child journaling prompts sent via automatic email 
This is here to provide you with tools and real life application for living as a whole, healthy and happy adult.
To support as many people as possible, this on-demand workshop is now available to be purchased at the original price of $59 or any price you can afford. 
If you're able to pay the original price or more, we'd appreciate it, this helps us to continue to make high quality offerings that reach more people. As a thank you to those who already paid the original price or more, Millana will be offering a live and recorded group Q+A with demos, please keep an eye for the invite!
Otherwise, please select the "pay what you can option" and enjoy the workshop!
*Payments will be debited automatically. We do not accept refunds, however, we are happy to give credit or transfers for this and future purchases.

Original Price: $59