TMI 6 Month

What's Included

  • LIVE monthly healing circle with Millana Snow (also recorded)
  • Catalogue of daily practices, rituals, and teachings to deepen your practice 
  • Exclusive monthly Q&A sessions with Millana 
  • Members-only discounts on programs and courses
  • Bonus Content: 40 days of HAR meditation for Prosperity

*Payments will be debited automatically. We do not offer refunds, however, we are happy to give credit or transfers for this and future purchases.

*Cancel at any time with no minimum obligation.

What People Are Saying:

The Monthly Integrative Healing sessions with Millana are incredible. I am always amazed that Millana can hold space for so many people at the same time, but what I like most about TMI is that Millana gives us all individual attention so it doesn’t seem like a group healing session! Plus, she will write notes for us if we need to pay attention to certain chakra points. Thanks Millana for providing these monthly healing sessions that are budget friendly as well as creating a wonderful community.

When I had my first group breathwork session with Millana, I was hooked and I joined TMI that day. I was skeptical at first, but that one Zoom session was all it took for my guard to fall and the healing to begin. With TMI, you have so many resources for a daily practice without guilt or pressure if you miss a day. And the session was so valuable, I won’t miss it for anything! It’s a great way to set intentions for a new month and get real with yourself as you just let all the noise fall away.

$195.00 USD

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